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These yogurt makers are electrically operated, are ready for use and have a power consumption of 20 Watts.

The Yogurt Maker works on standard 220-240Volt 50/60Hz supply - it is NOT suitable for other voltages e.g. 110 Volt, 60Hz (for example the North American voltage), although it does work beautifully on this power supply if plugged into a suitable cheap step-up transformer.

The Yogurt Maker will turn a full litre of milk into delicious yogurt every time. The only other requirement is the inoculant such as our standard yogurt culture. Other yogurt cultures also available - though you may also use live yogurt in place of a culture.

The Yogurt maker comprises the following:- yogurt maker with see-through lid, 6 glass jars with screw on lids & full instructions.

The indicator light LED shows when the power is on as the milk is slowly warmed to the correct incubation temperature.

Full yogurt making instructions using a culture are provided below, instructions to make with live yogurt included with machine.

Follow these instructions to make yogurt using a culture or starter solution. Although it is certainly possible to make yogurt by adding a spoonful of a previous batch or even shop bought yogurt to your milk - the proportion of each starter strain will change over time, making it more difficult to reproduce the particular qualities of a high quality batch.

1. In a saucepan heat 1 Litre of milk up to 90°C and hold at this temperature for 5 minutes to denature the whey proteins.

2. Remove from heat and stand the pan in a sink full of cold water until a temperature of 45°C is reached. 

3.  Depending on the method you are using, either add two tablespoons of made up starter culture, a very small pinch of culture - such as YC-X11 (0.1 unit of culture) or live yogurt (see other instructions with machine for details for making yogurt using either existing batch of yogurt or shop bought yogurt). Stir in gently and add to jars. Screw lids on and add to the yogurt maker.

4.  Leave to incubate for up to 6-8 hours - longer if using the third method - up to twelve hours. Remove jars and refrigerate. The yogurt will be ready to eat in 2 hours. Flavours such as fruit and sweeteners can now be added to the yogurt.


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