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This lactic acid is food grade and is used for the production of several types of cheeses. It is particularly useful when UHT, ultra-pasteurised or powdered milk are used as the starting materials, since the heat treatments used in the production of these milks deactivates the lactose and prevents the cheese culture from being able to turn it fully into lactic acid. The inclusion of additional lactic acid prior to rennetting overcomes this shortage and improves the curd yield.

The product is presented in a bottles holding either 100ml or 500ml.

Lactic acid is a vital ingredient in Ricotta Impastata, Mozzarella, Queso Blanco and other speciality cheeses and can be used in the production of sour milk products, such as Koumiss, Laban, Kefir, as well as some cottage cheeses. In production, Lactic acid is usually added so that the pH of the milk reaches around 5.0.

The casein in fermented milk is coagulated (curdled) by lactic acid and it is also responsible for the sour flavour of sourdough breads.

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