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These yogurt makers are electrically operated (230 Volt), are ready for use and have a power consumption of just 9 Watts.

The Yogurt Maker works on standard 230Volt 50Hz supply - it is NOT suitable for other voltages e.g. 110 Volt, 60Hz (for example the North American voltage), although it does work beautifully on this power supply if plugged into a suitable cheap step-up transformer.

The Yogurt Maker will turn a full litre of milk into delicious yogurt every time. The only other requirement is the inoculant such as our standard yogurt culture. Other yogurt cultures also available.

The Yogurt maker comprises the following:- transparent over-cap with finger slots for easy removal, the yogurt maker main body, with power indicator light, inner yogurt flask with volume calibration, over-cap for this flask and a stirring paddle that fits neatly into the recess in this lid.

The indicator light LED shows when the power is on as the milk is slowly warmed to the correct incubation temperature.

Full yogurt making instructions are provided with every machine



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