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This rennet powder is derived from a food grade controlled fermentation of Rhizomucor miehei and is suitable for vegetarians. This rennet powder is classed as Halal and is available in a highly concentrated granular form. It is GM free and is suitable for the production of all types of cheeses.

The rennet is presented as a high strength powder and packed in resealable tamper-evident pouches holding 40g or 500g.

This rennet powder is industrial strength and should be added at a rate of 1 level teaspoonful per 5 litres of milk to produce an excellent soft cheese.

Great hard cheeses can also be made using this product, but since each type of hard cheese is different the optimum quantity of rennet powder required will need to be determined beforehand

The rennet powder may also be used for making junket, although a tiny quantity will be needed because of its high strength. The shelf life of the rennet is a full year when stored in a normal fridge. Optimum storage temperature is 4°C -8°C.

See below for our soft cheese recipe and instructions on making a starter solution:-

Download soft cheese recipe PDF

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